Kích điện sin chuẩn 500W

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[1] Office Equipment,Notebook Computer,Mobile Telephone,Printer,Display.

[2] Television,Video Recorder,Acoustics,DVD,VCD and Fridge etc.

[3] Outdoor lighting,Microwave Oven,Cooking etc.

[4] Electric Tool,Vehicle seek help,Do rescue and Relief work etc.

[5] PDA,Digital Camera,Battery Charge and GPS Satellite Navigation


[1] Revolving speed of the fan intelligent control.

[2] Pulse Width Modulation(PWM).

[3] Soft start function.

[4] Overheat and overload automatically shut down. Will automatically start again after returning to normal.

[5] Input and output in a variety of ways:input 12V,24V .Cigarette lighter type,battery directly input. Output  voltage 220V AC 110V AC etc fully meet the needs of users at abroad on the AC Power.

[6] Products using aluminum alloy shell,high pressure plasma surface technology of itanium coating,high hardness,chemical stability,oxidation resistance,good appearance.



* OUTPUT VOLTAGE  220V+/-5% OR 110V+/-5% 
* OUTPUT FREQUENCY  50HZ+/-2HZ OR 60HZ+/-2HZ(Meet users requirment)
 < DC 11.0V+/-0.5V; DC 21V+/-0.5V 
* LOW VOLTAGE CUT OFF(NO-LOAD)  < DC 10V+/-0.3V; DC 20V+/-0.3V
* HIGH VOLTAGE CUT OFF(NO-LOAD)  > DC 15V+/-0.5V; DC 30V+/-0.5V
* NO-LOAD LOSS   < 0.4A
* OUTPUT WAVEFORM   Pure sine waveform
* PRODUCT SIZE  255*150*71mm
* PRODUCT N.W.  1900G
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