Gird Tie Goodwe 2KW

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DC Input Data GW1000-NSGW1500-NSGW2000-NSGW2500-NSGW3000-NSGW3600-NSGW4200-NSGW5000-NS
Max.allowed PV Power(W) 1300 1950 2600 3250 3900 4680 5460 6500
DC power rating (W) 1200 1800 2300 2700 3200 3960 4600 5500
Max. DC voltage(V) 450 500 580
MPPT voltage range (V) 80~400 80~450 125~550
Starting voltage (V) 80 120
Max. DC current (A) 10 18 22 22 22
No. of PV connectors 1 1 2
No. of MPPTs 1 1 1 1
PV connector Phornix/Phoenix/Amphenol MC4/Phoenix/Amphenol MC4/Phoenix/Amphenol
AC Output Data GW1000-NSGW1500-NSGW2000-NSGW2500-NSGW3000-NSGW3600-NSGW4200-NSGW5000-NS
Max. AC power (W) 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3680 4200 5000
Max. AC current (A) 5 7.5 10 12.5 13.5 16 19 22.8
AC output (Back-up) 50/60Hz; 230Vac 50/60Hz; 230Vac
AC output range 45~55Hz/55~65Hz; 180~270Vac 45~55Hz/55~65Hz; 180~270Vac
THDi <3% <3%
Power factor 0.8 leading~0.8 lagging 0.8 leading~0.8 lagging
Grid connection Single phase Single phase


Max. efficiency 96.5% 97.0% 97.0% 97.5% 97.5% 97.8%
Euro efficiency >96.0% >96.0% >96.0% >97.0% >97.0% 97.5%
MPPT adaptation efficiency 99.9% 99.9%
Protection GW1000-NSGW1500-NSGW2000-NSGW2500-NSGW3000-NSGW3600-NSGW4200-NSGW5000-NS
Residual current monitoring unit Integrated Integrated
Anti-islanding protection Integrated Integrated
DC switch Integrated(optional) Integratedoptional
AC Over current protection Integrated Integrated
Insulation monitoring Integrated Integrated
ertifications&Standards GW1000-NSGW1500-NSGW2000-NSGW2500-NSGW3000-NSGW3600-NSGW4200-NSGW5000-NS
Grid regulation NT/T 32004 NB/T 32004
Safety NT/T 32004 NB/T 32004
EMC NT/T 32004 NB/T 32004
General Data GW1000-NSGW1500-NSGW2000-NSGW2500-NSGW3000-NSGW3600-NSGW4200-NSGW5000-NS
Dimensions (WxHxD) 344*274.5*128mm 347*432*145mm
Weight (kg) 7.5 8.5 14
Mounting Wall bracket Wall bracket
Ambient temperature range -25~60°C(>45℃ derating) -25~60°C
Relative humidity 0~95% 0~95%
Max. operating altitude 4000m(>3000m derating) 4000m(>3000m derating)
Protection degree IP65 IP65
Topology Transformerless Transformerless
Night power consumption(W) <1 <1
Cooling Nature convection Nature convection
Noise emision(dB) <25 <25
Display LCD LCD
Communication USB2.0; WiFi/RS485 (Optional) USB2.0; RS485 or WiFi
Standard warranty(years) 5/10/15/20/25 (Optional) 5/10/15/20/25( optional)
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